We make yurts with a story

One structure, many ways to use it,
countless stories

When they hear the word yurt, most people imagine the modest dwelling of Asian nomads. However, these unique structures have been living their own lives for an incredibly long time, and together with their inhabitants, they write their own stories!

Today, a well-made, properly built, and well-equipped yurt often serves as a fully-fledged family home. And for a fraction of the cost of a traditional building. But that’s not the end of it – there is no limit to the imagination regarding how to use yurts. You can use them as original summer bars, stylish lecture roomsoffices, facilities for forest kindergartens, or luxurious as well as unusual accommodation for guests of recreational areas.

Not all yurts are the same

Unrivalled workmanship, quality materials
and modern technology. That is a matter of course for us!

We work with quality natural materials and modern components. It is the materials and modern elements that guarantee that the yurt will be functional and resistant to weather conditions and create a pleasant space for your stay. Therefore, a durable outer canvas made of 100% acrylic, a bushing for an insulated chimney, or an openable skylight made of durable acrylate are standard features of our yurts.

For yurt structures, we exclusively use larch wood from Czech forests. We buy logs, which we then have processed locally into planks and boards. Finally, we adjust them ourselves into the form of roof poles and walls or doors, windows, and crowns for the skylight. We standardly test all materials to be sure that we offer the highest possible quality to our customers.

Yurt as a part of your life story

We design yurts with the utmost care and according to the specific needs of the customer. You too may have dreams and wishes, leave their realization to us. We will not disappoint you – we have been producing yurts in our workshop according to proven procedures for many years. What do we take pride in?

Precise treatement

Czech production

Hand-made products

Certified materials and components

Quality natural materials

Personally tested

We believe in our solutions;
we are no newcomers to building yurts. We have offices in them for many years.

700 yurts

delivered to European and more distant countries

16 years

of yurt development and search for the best possible solutions

5 business partners

in several countries across Europe

Elaborate components
for the highest comfort

French windows

Openable windows can be equipped with fittings to allow them to be opened entirely or partially for ventilation. In addition, the windows are standardly equipped with a pane of two-layer insulating glass.


You can forget about a fabric entrance equipped with a zipper. We will equip your yurt with larch wood doors available in three versions – wooden, glazed, and wooden with a small window.

Chimney bushing

Each chimney must be complemented by a specially designed chimney bushing, which ensures a safe flue gas outlet from the yurt through the tent's wall.


If you want to equip your yurt with a wood stove, we must not forget the chimney. Our chimneys come from the workshops of a German manufacturer. They are fully certified and comply with European norms.


If you want to have enough daylight in your yurt, we can replace the standard wooden crown with a skylight made of acrylic glass. It is available not only in clear but also in solar control version, which reflects up to 65% of UV radiation, thus preventing the interior from overheating. However, it does not prevent the passage of light.


Every comfortable yurt should have a solid wooden floor. We supply insulated floors for our yurts laid on concrete feet or ground screws. You can then choose from several options for the walking layer.

Connecting frame

If you want to create a more variable space with yurts, our unique connecting frame allows you to do so. With this frame, you can connect either two yurts or a yurt and a small wooden building used as a bathroom and kitchen.

Woodburning stove

Every comfortable yurt should have a good quality wood stove. We can supply the stove in cooperation with proven partners, or you can get it yourself based on a few specifications that must be met for everything to work well.

Interesting realisations

in Chabry

“Although their approach is completely professional, it did not lose humanity, which is rather rare nowadays.”

Tereza Vavrečková

Garden gazebo
in Skramouš

“Fast and constructive negotiations, precise execution, and incomparable quality that will enable the best experience.”

Josef Novák

Riding school in Měšice

“In case of any problem, there is always the possibility to call and they always solve complications even after so many years.”

Milan Severa

Neighbour’s club in Krnsko

“Everything was great from communication and solution design, through implementation to time spent inside!”

Petr Linhart

…and how did we come up with the idea?

We have been producing various natural tents for a long time. For example, the CEO of our company has been camping in tents since an early age. But how did we get to the yurts?

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose the materials?

We consistently search for time-proven quality materials, which we further also test on our yurts. We would never sell anything that we did not first thoroughly test.

What are the warranty conditions?

The statutory 2-year warranty is a matter of course. Still, some of our suppliers provide a more extended warranty period for some of the materials we use. Moreover, we stand behind our products – if something goes wrong, we are ready to meet your needs as part of the post-warranty service.

Can you deliver a "turnkey" yurt?

In addition to the production of yurts, we also deal with their installation and equipment. Therefore, we can build a yurt for you with a floor and everything you need and to your exact specifications.

Are yurts safe?

It is still a tent, but thanks to proven and high-quality materials, our yurts are a safe place to live. Besides, we can supply some of the materials in a flame-retardant version, thanks to which our yurts meet even the ever-tightening safety requirements.

Once in your yurt, you will never want to leave again.

We tailor all yurts to the conditions and specific requirements of each customer.
To start with, we only need a little information to get an idea of your needs.

Don't like forms? Call  +420 777 769 145 or send us a message at info@famtents.com.

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